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School Values

School Vision: Safety and Health, Innovation, Academics,
Mentors, Character, Enrichment…

Go Dragons!


School Values

We believe that Castle South Middle School must uphold the highest expectations of students, administrators, faculty, support staff, parents and stakeholders.

We realize that learning is a lifelong process; therefore, our mission is to create a learning environment in which our students demonstrate the improvement in all foundations of our educational systems.

  • Safety and Health: An effective classroom has the necessary physical materials and supplies to support a safe, secure and healthy learning environment.
  • Innovation: An effective faculty is an innovative team whose members celebrate and support one another in an effort to create a student - centered atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • Academics: A quality instructional program is educationally researched, effectively implemented and regularly evaluated to meet the academic needs of all students.
  • Mentors: A good school values all students and staff, thus creating an atmosphere in which staff can ment or students to function responsibly by using information to the best of his/her ability to promote personal growth.
  • Character: A successful student embraces lifelong learning through intellectual and personal growth based upon the six pillars of character: citizenship, trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, caring and fairness.
  • Enrichment: A good teacher is knowledgeable, flexible, and through encouragement and enthusiasm creates an enriching, student - centered atmosphere conducive to learning.